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June 18th, 2014
Minnesota Chiropractic Association Retains Ewald For AMC Management


The Minnesota Chiropractic Association recently selected Ewald Consulting as its partner to provide strategic association management support services, according to a news release by Ewald. Established in 1927, MCA has become Minnesota’s only professional organization to represent the chiropractic profession on a multi-level basis. The association serves a variety of members, including practicing and retired doctors, chiropractic assistants, chiropractic techs and students.

Ewald Consulting will provide full association management services for MCA, including event planning, strategic planning, membership services, media relations, website updates and member communications. MCA officially became an Ewald Consulting client on May 19, 2014.


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Ewald Consulting is not affiliated with AMC Advantage, which strives to expand knowledge about opportunities inherent in nonprofits that move to the AMC management model. An Association Management Company is a professional service firm that provides leadership in association management and other services through experienced staff, proven practices and shared resources.

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