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May 21st, 2015
IMI Launches New Website With User-Friendly Access

IMI Association Executives, a turn-key association management company headquartered in Morrisville, N.C., said it recently launched its new website redesign. The redesigned website provides visitors with user-friendly access to information on association management.

“IMI’s focus is on great service that takes the stress out of managing associations. The new IMI website is designed to help associations easily find information about the benefits of association management and the resources available to associations, including the IMI blog. The website redesign is just one practical example of how we are continuously improving the services we provide,” said IMI President Linda Owens.


Highlights of the new site include quick navigation for associations to identify their management needs and take the next step to determine solutions. For associations that may be new to the realm of association management, the “About IMI” tab will provide information on association management and what benefits association management companies (AMCs) provide to associations. Prospective clients can review testimonials from current IMI clients to help determine if IMI will be a good fit for their association.

A brand new feature is the “Our Team” page which showcases IMI staff members and the wide variety of skills they bring to the table. Visitors will also find new, easy access to the IMI blog and social media platforms, which are a great resource for association boards, associations, and association management professionals. Each page also displays a prominent rotating banner with IMI’s current clients.

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