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June 20th, 2015
AMC Advantage Podcast Now Available On iTunes, Stitcher

AMC Advantage’s podcast for nonprofit professionals — launched Monday — is already up on popular podcast platforms iTunes and Stitcher.

iTunes on Monday approved the podcast for general distribution. Simply go to the podcast application on your iPhone or iPad, and type “AMC” or “AMC Advantage” into the podcast search bar; the podcast is among the first options returned. (You can do the same from within the iTunes store on your iPhone, iPad or Apple computer. The AMC Advantage preview page on iTunes is here.)

Many Android owners have access to iTunes but, if you don’t, the Stitcher app is a great option. The app is in the Google Play store here.  Once you have the app loaded, just type in “AMC” or “AMC Advantage” into the search bar, and the new podcast is among the first options. Stitcher approved the AMC Advantage podcast on Tuesday; the direct show link is here. 

Once you arrive at the podcast, be sure to hit the subscribe button … that way, you’ll be notified each time a new episode is released!

AMC Advantage’s podcast features advice and information for nonprofit professionals, and it emphasizes the association management company, or AMC, model as a way of helping trade associations and professional societies achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.



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