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June 22nd, 2015
Best Association Management Will AMC-Manage The Arkansas Society Of Association Executives

Best Association Management, an association management company in Little Rock, Ark., has been awarded the contract to manage the Arkansas Society of Association Executives.

The ASAE board began a formal search for management after the current executive director, Mary Dandurand, announced her plans to retire in July of this year. Dandurand has served as the executive director of ASAE since 1996 providing solid leadership throughout the years. Anne Fuller, president of Best Association Management, said, “We are honored to be selected to manage our state Society of Executives.” Anne is a past president of the organization (2009-2010) and has been the owner of her association management company for more than 25 years.

Best Management provides executive directors and administrative support services to their clients on a contractual basis. Nonprofit organizations contract for the support services needed and gain access to all staff association professionals. Located at 9 Shackleford Plaza in west Little Rock, Best Management is currently home for a dozen associations.

ASAE was formed in 1978, to bring together people with common interests concerning Arkansas associations and their activities. The purposes of ASAE are to provide an opportunity for association executives to network with their peers and to promote education to association executives concerning such topics as convention planning, seminars, communications and publications, management skills and other topics related to association management. ASAE strives to maintain close contacts with state and national legislators in order to better serve their respective members and industries. The association is affiliated with the American Society of Association Executives.

For more information contact at Anne Fuller, 501-224-4840 or Mary Dandurand at 501-223-9188. To find out more about Best Association Management visit To learn more visit the Arkansas Society of Association Executives

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