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July 2nd, 2015
Denver’s Civica Brings 4 Public Health Groups To AMC Model Of Association Management

Civica Management in Denver announced the addition of four clients new to AMC management: The Colorado Public Health Association, the Colorado Environmental Health Association, the Public Health Nurses Association of Colorado and the Colorado Society for Public Health Education.

The four associations join Civica’s stable of mostly health-care and business trade association clients. The associations — all membership-based — previously utilized a shared staff model of association management.

With Civica’s help, these organizations can build on the solid foundation they’ve established over the past near decade. Civica Management will help support the current activities of the organizations including: the Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program, social and physical activity events, legislative work, educational webinars, environmental health trainings, public health nursing orientations, and countless networking and skill-building events specialized for members.

All four organizations will continue to be part of the Public Health Alliance umbrella organization. Since its inception in 2007, the alliance has existed as both a coalition of professional associations and a provider of administrative services for its member organizations.

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