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July 19th, 2015
Using The ‘New To AMC Model’ Tag — And Other Tips From AMC Advantage

As with many sites on the web, AMC Advantage makes extensive use of tags. Because of this, it’s simple to filter through stories posted here to gain added insight.

The “New To AMC Model” tag deserves your consideration. It lets you know when an AMC has converted a professional society or trade association from either the standalone model, volunteer model, hybrid model or some other model of association management. AMC Advantage recently updated its contact form to better know when associations first move to AMC management.

It’s also easy to filter which announcements came in which year. Simply filter by 2015 AMC Clients, 2014 AMC Clients, 2013 AMC Clients, 2012 AMC Clients or 2011 AMC Clients. (If you have a client announcement from the past that isn’t listed, please let us know about it.)

Finally, we tag each post with the name of the AMC that made the announcement. Often, these are truncated for easy reading. If you see a story about an AMC that interests you, just click on the corresponding company tag to see all announcements by that AMC.

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