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August 19th, 2015
LoBue & Majdalany Acquirer Is An Investment Vehicle For ‘Purpose Marketing’

Collegium Holdings, Inc. — a Delaware Corporation incorporated only on Feb. 25, 2014 — is the “purpose marketing” vehicle of investors Craig Leach and James Marcus.

The company made a splash in the AMC world with its acquisition this week of San Francisco-based LoBue and Majdalany Management Group.

In December, Collegium acquired Fenton, one of the first advertising agencies, according to The New York Times, “devoted to handling communications efforts for causes, nonprofit organizations, charities, foundations and activists seeking social change.”

Marcus and Leach, Collegium’s principals, operate a holding group specializing in agencies in the category known by terms like cause marketing, cause-related marketing, prosocial marketing and purpose marketing. Such agencies provide services like advertising, public relations, fund-raising, digital media, event marketing, mobile ads and social media, according to The Times.

Marcus has served as an adviser to Fenton for more than a decade and led a Fenton division. Leach is also chief executive of a unit of Collegium, Graham-Pelton Consulting.

Besides LoBue & Majdalany, Collegium’s holdings:

• Fenton, which has 60 employees who work at a headquarters in New York and offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington.

• Graham-Pelton, which helps universities, hospitals, social service agencies and environmental organizations with fund-raising and management tasks.

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