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August 24th, 2015
Michael LoBue On AMC Firm’s Sale To Collegium: ‘Real Value Comes From Creating Bridges’

LoBue & Majdalany Management Group’s Michael LoBue penned a letter to clients and others on the firm’s sale to “purpose-marketing” investor Collegium Holdings Inc. 

“Many will no doubt find what Majdalany and I did, selling our firm to a holding company dedicated to the non-profit services sector, to be a bit strange,” he began the letter. “It’s certainly unorthodox in the AMC community, but to us it made a great deal of sense.” Majdalany is Michael Majdalany, CAE, and a mainstay at the firm since 1998.

“The real value comes from creating bridges between the operating units to collaborate where it makes sense, both for existing clients and to present more robust offerings to prospective clients. Retaining all the advantages of a small, closely held company but with the available resources to go toe to toe with the larger firms as needed.”

The San Francisco-based firm’s clients will not experience any change in support or service levels during the transition but will notice new service offerings and expanded capabilities, LoBue said.

“All of us at L&M are excited about this new future as part of Collegium, for the firm and for our clients.”




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