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October 5th, 2015
Phoenix-Based SOS Association Management Solutions to Provide Association Management Support to the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association

SOS-Association Management Solutions has recently been retained by the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association to provide association management services and support their executive leadership.

“ARCSA is growing fast and needed to find a company to partner with for growth capacity. We feel that SOS is a good fit for our present and upcoming needs,” said Heather Kinkade, Executive Director of ARCSA.

SOS will assist with membership, website management, accreditation and educational programs, and administration. “We are excited and honored to work with ARCSA and assist with the growth of the organization, which has such an important role to serve for its members and for the general public,” said Suzanne Lanctot, CAE, managing director of SOS.

This year, SOS is celebrating 20 years of association management excellence. Conni Ingallina, owner and president of SOS, said, “When SOS began in 1995, we didn’t know that we had stumbled upon our true passion – helping trade, professional and nonprofit associations fulfill their missions. As an Association Management Company (AMC), we have been able to provide professional management services for an eclectic group, including associations in the medical, foreign policy, psychological, production, travel, human resources, and green industries as well as a variety of charitable nonprofits. ARCSA is a perfect fit for our AMC with their mission and mix of professional members.”

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