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February 11th, 2016
Kellen’s Rick Cristol Receives Glenn W. Bostrom Award

AMC Institute during its annual meeting today gave the Glenn W. Bostrom Award to Richard E. “Rick” Cristol, president of Atlanta-based Kellen.

Cristol was the institute’s president in 2011. Kellen’s CEO and chair, Peter Rush, introduced Cristol.

“Rick has devoted a huge amount of hours with the full support of Kellen as we believe this institute is extremely important for the health of the industry and growing the profession,” Rush said.

Cristol told attendees that “this has come as quite a surprise.” Glenn Bostrom is one of the true icons of this industry, Cristol said, and “if you count all the great relationships in the industry and wonderful people I’ve met, it makes it all the more special.”

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