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February 15th, 2016
N.J.-Based CMA Association Management Erin Klebaur Named One of Top Women in Business

Erin Klebaur, director of marketing services at Princeton, New Jersey-based CMA Association Management was named one of SNJ Business People’s Top Women in Business.

The 14 women honored are recognized for their contributions and continued commitment to making South Jersey the best place to live, work and raise a family.

“From day one, Erin has been an essential asset to CMA and she has been instrumental in helping the company grow to where it is now,” said Jeffrey Barnhart, CEO and president of CMA, who hired Klebaur as his executive assistant 10 years ago. “Her passion, masterful excellence, team spirit and meticulous quality have never wavered as she has set her career path here. She now leads a team of 14 full-time employees in addition to interns, many freelancers and working with vendors.”

Her major responsibility areas include: Establish and manage business unit operation and promotional budgets, ensure CMA brand awareness and consistency, provide creative direction/strategies, ensure growth, be a sourcing for investment for small business,  stability and bottom-line profit for the marketing services business unit.

Klebaur has an expansive portfolio of professional accomplishments by developing creative programs to meet client needs. She has led her team to numerous awards, including a record-high 22 New Jersey Communications, Advertising and Marketing Association ASTRA Awards in 2014, and many other awards and recognition throughout the years from NJ CAMA and the Jersey Shore Public Relations and Advertising Association. During her tenure, CMA has also been recognized with the 2016 Outstanding Small Business of the Year by the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce and more than 100 awards for marketing excellence from the total of approximately 300 awards throughout the years.

Klebaur is an alumna of Rider University where she graduated with a communications degree, business and professional speech track and marketing/advertising minor.

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