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October 17th, 2016
National Association for Regulatory Administration Selects Minnesota-Based Management HQ For Full-Service Management

The National Association for Regulatory Administration, an international association representing all human care licensing, has selected Management HQ to serve as its association management partner.

As of Sept. 1, 2016, Management HQ will begin the transition to provide full-service association management services to NARA.

“NARA is enthusiastic to begin this partnership with Management HQ,” said Tara Lynne Orlowski, president of NARA. “Management HQ was selected based on their ability to deliver high quality services, dedication to fiscal stewardship, and an understanding about the importance of partnership to influence change. The team at Management HQ is driven by values, which align with the mission of NARA and have experiences directly related to the human care regulation fields we serve. While they are a young association management company, the team brings over 35 years of experience and are eager to take NARA to the next level.”

Management HQ will provide NARA a full-scope of association management services, including a central office location and administration, fiscal management, membership development and retention, policy and advocacy services, contracting procurement and execution, governance support, events management, education services coordination, and marketing communications.

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