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March 8th, 2017
North American Excavation Shoring Association Selects Minnesota-Based Ewald Consulting

North American Excavation Shoring Association has selected St. Paul, Minnesota-based Ewald Consulting for association management.

The focus of the association, known as NAXSA, is to provide its valued members with the tools and resources to help them and their businesses achieve success and recognition as leaders in the industry. Valuable benefits of being a NAXSA member are that exclusive, top-notch training and certifications are offered.

When the founding members were looking to form this association, they turned to the American Traffic Safety Services Association for their help and assistance. “For three years ATSSA has been instrumental in the administration and formation of NAXSA. ATSSA has asked us to find a permanent management home as they wish to concentrate on their core mission,” NAXSA said in its request for proposals.


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