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April 28th, 2017
AMC Advantage Now Covering In-Progress Deals Using Code Names

Beginning with this week’s e-newsletter, AMC Advantage will use code names to promote impending deadlines for AMC requests for proposals.

The code names are selected by AMC Advantage and not by the AMC Institute, which runs an Online RFP System that AMC Advantage promotes.

“The Online RFP System is a tremendous member benefit of the AMC Institute, and we don’t want to dilute that benefit by publicizing the deals with actual association names,” said AMC Advantage Publisher Don Knox. “But we do want to let our readers know of impending RFP deadlines. We don’t want any AMC Institute member to miss out on potential profitable opportunities, especially those that grow the market for association management companies. It’s critical that the AMC model be widely advertised and/or promoted.”

AMC Advantage is tracking six open RFPs on the AMC Institute Online RFP System. If you are an AMC Institute member, all you have to do is click on the code name to see the opportunity (you must be logged in to the institute’s website as a member). If you’re not a member, you should join the institute!

RFPs due this week: 

General Watchdog: 05/05/17
Miracle Willow: 05/05/17

RFPs due soon:

Twilight Mantis: 05/19/17
Miracle Star: 05/26/17
Hefty Carpenter: 05/31/17
Tired Ninja: 06/21/17

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