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May 30th, 2017
Deadlines Approach For AMC Opportunities

A number of nonprofit-set deadlines are approaching for work that could be handled by association management companies.

For tracking purposes, AMC Advantage has assigned code names to these offerings, which are made available to members of the AMC Institute, the industry’s trade association. (Read more about our use of code names here.)

The full proposals are viewable on the AMC Institute website to members in good standing only. You must be signed into view the RFPs.

Due this week:

• Hefty Carpenter: 05/31/17
• Candid Unicorn: 5/31/17
 Incredible Pebble: 06/03/17

Due soon:

• Flawless Centurion: 6/15/17
• Twinkle Guardian: 6/15/17
• Tired Ninja: 06/21/17

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