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June 6th, 2017
Oracle Commerce User Group PipelinePros Selects Kentucky-Based Associations International

PipelinePros, the Oracle Commerce User Group, announced that it will be managed by Associations International of Lexington, Kentucky. AI already manages several associations, including Quest, one of Oracle’s largest and most successful umbrella user groups.

PipelinePros, the Oracle Commerce User Group, was founded in June 2016 when a group of customers, partners and Oracle representatives wanted to create a place to come together for networking and education related to Oracle Commerce products. The purpose of the group is to unite the Commerce user base, share best practice, lessons learned and influence Oracle’s product direction.

“As a group we felt that due to the rapidly evolving technology landscape it was difficult for Oracle Commerce users to navigate on their own and we needed the ability to better leverage our Oracle investment,” said David Lyle, Founding Member and Chairman, PipelinePros.

“As a start-up, we needed an association management company that could provide resources we didn’t have and expertise in managing user groups,” Lyle said. “Additionally, AI has been extremely successful in managing Quest and we are thrilled that we can partner with Associations International.”


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