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December 29th, 2017
$2.5M Trade Association Considering Moving From Standalone To AMC

A U.S.-based trade association with a $2.5 million budget and several employees is seeking proposals from association management companies for full-service management.

This opportunity is promoted through the AMC Institute’s Online RFP system and code-named “Humming Olympus” by AMC Advantage. AMC Institute members can view the RFP here.

AMC business developers often build their growth strategies around the impending retirement of senior executives, and that is the case here: “The current CEO/President is retiring effective 9/30/18. The Association believed this was a good time to undertake an RFP process to determine whether to retain an outside vendor to manage many of the activities of the Association, which would include the vendor assisting the Association in hiring, employing, and supporting a new Executive Director.”

A management fee wasn’t proposed.

“The Association expects the responses to the RFP to indicate what fee would be charged based on the Associations current operating revenue and expenses,” the association stated.

The association seeks the following services:

• Membership Management
• Financials
• Meeting/Conventions
• Web Management
• Publications
• Marketing
• Educational Workshops/Seminars

Responses are due Jan. 31, 2018. The proposed start date is July 1, 2018.

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