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February 12th, 2018
AMC Institute’s Coffers Swell As Sector Shows Rapid Growth

VANCOUVER — The AMC Institute reported at its Annual Meeting last week here that its revenue and surplus growth is strong as the AMC sector enjoys solid growth.

Treasurer Bennett Napier reported the institute had 2017 sales of $1,465,144, a jump of nearly 48% over the the $990,460 achieved in 2015, according to AMCI’s most recent tax filing.

The institute banked a surplus of $224,729 vs. $66,686 generated two years ago. That’s 236% higher.

“We have a nonprofit mission, to make sure our AMC partners and vendor partners are growing,” Napier told the assembled AMC owners from across the globe. 

The surplus is meant to build reserves per board policy and to allow the board to reinvest in activities — including research and marketing the AMC model — that deliver member value, he said.

Susan Iris of Navigate, the institute’s contract marketing agency, detailed that 19% of the institute’s $1,240,426 in expenses went toward marketing of the AMC model and 4% to research. Other expense categories included meetings, 22%; accreditation, 1.8%; and governance, 1.6%

Iris recounted five years of marketing successes and noted that 2018 would be spent on “elevating strategy; refining targets; messages and insights; and partnerships.”

She encouraged AMC owners and top executives to get active in their communities, especially online in social media.

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