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February 14th, 2018
Healthcare Society In Large State Seeking Alternative AMC Proposals

A healthcare society in a large state that is currently managed by an AMC is seeing if the grass is greener elsewhere. It has turned to the AMC Institute’s Online RFP System. The current manager intends to re-bid.

AMC Advantage has code-named this opportunity “Automatic Liberty.”

The 50-year-old society indicates that it has had the same management company for the past 18 years. It seeks proposals because of upcoming “contract renewal (expires 8/31/2018) … (and) … concerns expressed by (board of directors) of current return on investment is appropriate.”

The proposal deadline is March 15, 2018. The successful bidder “must be able to maintain a PO Box” in the state in question.

Services sought are:

• Membership Management
• Financials
• Meeting/Conventions
• Web Management
• Publications
• Marketing
• Educational Workshops/Seminars
• Specialized, Government Relations/Lobbying

AMC Institute members: To view this proposal, click here. 


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